Emergency Funds

Emergencies happen, but with us at your side your business is secured.

In business as in life, emergencies happen, and it can be difficult to plan for them. What are you going to do when you’re faced with the unexpected? If you’ve recently come across a large, unforeseen expense, contact Fund Correct.

Get Funding the Right Way

At Fund Correct we understand that you have dreams and aspirations for your business. With so much growth and success to achieve, sometimes help is required. We offer many forms of business financing. Whether we need some emergency funds when unforeseen events occur, or are looking to branch our business into a franchise, or just need some cash to keep afloat, we offer a wide variety of business credit.



Apply for Funding

Fill out our simple online form and have one of our dedicated agents call you with an offer to correct your funds and business financing. 


Get Your Cash

Receive the funds your need within 24 hours of your application. Once we receive your application and required documentation, you receive cash direct into your business bank account.


Work Correctly

With the help of a funding package from Fund Correct, you can see your business grow and expand the way you have always envisioned it. Don’t let a lack of funds prevent you from growing your business the correct way.

How it Works

Our Approach

Our agents discuss the best option available to each company’s specific needs to get their momentum on a trajectory going up exponentionaly.  

Turn future revenue into usable funds today

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance allows you to take your future revenue and turn it into usable funds. Ideal for companies that project rapid growth, but just don’t have the funds to make their businesses work right now, merchant cash advances are a smart way to borrow against your company’s bright future and use it to ensure its present success.

Emergencies happen, With us you remain secured

Emergency Funds

Our team of financial experts can help evaluate your situation and make a financial plan to navigate it intelligently, without racking up big credit card bills or financial stress along the way. Whether you need a small sum or a large payment, we’re here to help you navigate unexpected situations and make the best of them, every time.

Keep your daily expenses and payroll covered 

Working Capital

A working capital fund provides the working capital you need to keep your business running. From your daily expenses like payroll and software to rent and subscriptions, a working capital loan is a smart way to launch a company without digging too deep into your own pockets.
Once your company is up and running, use your proceeds to quickly pay off the balance of your working capital loan and propel yourself into business and the future!

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Apply Now 

Contact us with any questions you may have. An agent is standing by to assist you.


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